Fabric plea

I have a fabric plea! I have searched the whole internet for Joel Dewberry’s Sparrows fabric from the Aviary range in light pink and all I can find is a one yard piece of it on Etsy which would cost more for the postage to New Zealand than the fabric itself. US$11.75 postage for a US $7.20 piece of fabric = NZ$25! This is a Steve Irwin moment for sure: “Crikey!” If anybody has .75-1.0 yards or metres of it and would be prepared to squish it into a $3 envelope and post it to me I can either paypal you the money it cost or swap you some fabric or something (we can talk) in return. I’m kind of desperate but I don’t think $25 for a yard is quite worth it!! And this is what it looks like:




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3 responses to “Fabric plea

  1. my3boysandi

    thats BEAUTIFUL material

  2. Heya, just found a FQ of it in my stash, so it’s yours. I’ll put it in the mail tomorrow for ya.
    PS. I finally posted your other parcel today…yikes! Sorry for being sooo slow.

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