Fiscal fast

This is the blog entry where I admit I may have a small shopping addiction. Just a tiny one you understand. I did briefly try take part in the 7 Things Spring Challenge where I had to get rid of 7 more things then I took in each week. Super productive for….2 weeks. But it’s a little hard to do it with a shopping problem. I’ve always loved to shop but it got worse this year, much much worse when I had a job at a craft store with a staff discount. It never stopped when I quit that job and I feel horribly materialistic today. I got my Superbuzzy purchases today (It took 5 days to get to me from the US at Christmas time, bloody brilliant!!) plus I bought some fabric and at least half a dozen other things. When you’re too ashamed to list them it’s time to stop!! So I have started a new category on the blog called De-clutter where I am going to document my desperate attempt to…de-clutter. Didn’t see that coming did ya? I make half hearted attempts from time to time but this time it’s full steam ahead. I want floor space damn it!!

I’m also going to do a fiscal fast (A term I blatantly stole from The Shopping Sherpa, hope she doesn’t mind but I’m haemoraging money here!) My goal until my birthday in April is to spend less, consume/own less and to spend more efficiently. I’ll start a new blog page soon to document how well I am doing. The one thing I have to stick to is to dispose of things ethically. No dumping, it has to be regifted/donated/reused if at all possible and I have to force myself to think twice about whether I really need every potential purchase. Let the challenge begin!

Oh yes and here’s my new embroidery patterns and my latest embroidery for a swapbot swap I am running:
Clover embroidery patterns

Redwork penny squares:
Redwork boy and girl



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6 responses to “Fiscal fast

  1. I hear you on the problem with overspending! My weakness is buying books, so I have a ton of awesome craft books that I don’t have enough time to look at because I keep buying more. I’m making myself make at least 2 projects out of each book before I buy any more. That should keep me busy for the next three years! We’ve got two vacations that we have to take this year (friends in the area for a limited time) and I’ve got to start saving for school, so I’ve got some motivation to keep me from spending money on craft stuff.

    Those clover embroidery patterns are so darling. I have a Japanese craft book (surprise surprise) with little embroidery patterns like that that I need to start using.

  2. mywoodenrobot

    I spend too much money too… It’s hard. I just always feel like I need everything, but I don’t. (I hear you Rebekah, I splurg on books all the time.)

  3. my3boysandi

    tagging you for a train ride

    cool patterns

  4. Have fun with the de-cluttering. I started the Seven Things Summer – joining in with TSS, and this is a good time – lots and lots of Chrissy presents have been made and given out.

    Janet McKinney

  5. Good on you! It isn’t easy, but it is worth it – eventually.

  6. theshoppingsherpa

    Steal away – in fact I was just saying to Taph yesterday that since it’s been 6 months since my last Fiscal Fast it might be time to do it again in January.

    And then there’s Use What You Have which I’ve not done for a few months:( and also my Finish it off Friday project from last January which I probably need to do again:(


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