The blog of many many random but unbelievably interesting things….would this face lie to you?

The mailman continues to love me. Today he bought my swap from Nikki: 3 fat quarters and this gorgeous smock:

Smock from Nikki

Smock from Nikki

And yes the fact I asked for a smock and haven’t got a child to wear it hasn’t escaped my notice. I just really really wanted one. But she insisted it was super easy and so while I waited for the swap I tried one. And she’s right, it’s really easy. Here’s mine:


Smocket back

And yes the fact I made a smock and haven’t got a child to wear it and that makes TWO smocks I have no child for hasn’t escaped my notice.

The mailman will, I hope, continue to love me well into the new year when my various online purchases start to arrive. With the mail at this time of year I have no idea when they’ll get here so each day will be a guessing game. Lauri is sending me a Aunt Martha’s transfer, I bought a photo print at this etsy store, I bought two Clover embroidery transfers (that’ll take me to 3 of the 4 they have) off superbuzzy and the acorn fairy stitchette from Wee Wonderfuls. I go without for much of the year and wait for my Christmas splurge. And this year it’s a good one!

But my life isn’t all roses. Oh no, my dears, fear not. Mail is about all I have right now. We have our flat inspection tomorrow and today meant the final cleaning touches – vacuum, mop etc. So the one thing I didn’t need was the fourth bird in a month finding it’s way into our house via a cats mouth. They each caught one bird a few weeks ago and I managed to shut them and their birds in the bathroom. Dave dealt to one, I (so bravely) dealt to another which meant oven mitts on and scooping it to release outside. Third one was dead. Todays one was very big and very alive and I didn’t shut the bathroom door on time. Yep. It got out into the living room. It got stuck on the windowsill, smacking into the window. It pooped all over the sill and got blood everywhere too. After a panic call to Dave for moral support and releasing the cat from guard duty I donned the oven mitts, took a breath and scooped and ran to the front door where I was more than glad to let it go. It took me forever to get the blood and bird poo off the sill, out of the carpet and off everything that happened to be on the sill….a hard drive case, newspapers, the iron….

Then tonight Dave was outside and looked up to the roof two stories above us and there’s Ginga’s ginger head peeking over the gutter. Turns out he climbs the trellis in the upstairs flats front yard, crosses the carport roof onto the house roof then proceeds to take his pick of birds from the nests in the gutter. That cat is so far in the dog house right now….

Bird mystery solved



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5 responses to “The blog of many many random but unbelievably interesting things….would this face lie to you?

  1. my3boysandi

    hope and pray the inspection goes ok
    what a rascal of a cat you have
    take care

  2. Those smocks are very cute. Did you use a particular pattern?

  3. my3boysandi

    Oh and I was going to say I LOVE your little girl smock
    what age is it for???

  4. mywoodenrobot

    Those are so cute! Thanks for the interview! I just posted it.

    Getting to Know…Love Stitches in 10 Questions

  5. Ooooer I love stuff in the mail. I don’t care if I paid for it… still feels like presents 😉

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