thriftapalooza and super big mail love

My blog comments seem to have dried up because I have been far too busy to comment on anyone elses blogs lately. I really hope I’ll have some time to myself to do that soon. We have a property inspection on Thursday (5 days before Christmas, who does that???) so tomorrow is going to be a day of cleaning then hopefully I’ll finally have my life back. Today I combed the thrift store in great detail for new stuff and I wasn’t disappointed! I got a new stock of postcards to send out with swaps. Plus I got 5 little Winnie the Pooh books. 30 cents each, I couldn’t resist!!

Thrifted Winnie the Pooh books

And the most amazing greeting cards by an American artist called Melissa Wyman who apparently lived here for a couple of years recently.

Thrifted greeting cards

My favourite!
Thrifted greeting cards

AND the best for last: I got my very decent cheque/check for the story writing gig (which I will finish one day soon but they haven’t even started the comp my stories are supposed to be promoting) AND a $50 garden centre gift card cos I got a letter published in the January issue of NZ Gardener. Just cos I wanted to see if I could get a free gift card. Turns out I can! AND I topped off the evening by discovering enough money in my paypal account to buy yet another embroidery pattern I will have no time to ever stitch. Yay!!

A mail surprise!



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5 responses to “thriftapalooza and super big mail love

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  2. We have a property inspection TODAY. I decided she just has to put up with the fact it is just before Christmas, and I have a pile of presents wrapped, and another pile to be done… At least the place is clean – and I have to work 😦

    Janet McKinney

  3. I love your handstitching!

  4. Go you! Those postcards are lovely!
    Which pattern are you going to buy?

  5. my3boysandi

    a property inspection 5 days before Christmas!!!
    Doesnt your landlord have a life???

    what a score on those winnie books

    CONGRATULATIONS re that garden centre gift card

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