Craft fair review

Well the fair was slow, some people got the sales, plenty didn’t. I didn’t. 5 hours, 5 sales. Perhaps a little too close to Christmas? I learnt a lot though, gave out a few moo cards with my shop address on them and may be getting a little custom embroidery work thrown my way by another stall holder. So all hope is definitely not lost! Next time I’m going to aim a wee bit bigger and fancier and a few stock changes.Until then there’s plenty of new stock in the shop at least!

My stall at Craft 2.0



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4 responses to “Craft fair review

  1. littlegemsession

    I saw your bits but not you! Craft buyers are fickle creatures, you never know what they’ll do…

  2. my3boysandi

    I thought about you over the weekend
    Im sori it was slow

  3. Your stall looks good! Given it’s your first one, it’s so good you got out there and got your name out. If you think of it as 5 hours of marketing yourself, it’s time well spent.

  4. Bex

    I agree with drewzel.
    Your table looked good too. Xxx.

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