An apron to hold the millions

I decided that rather than keep my profits in a plastic ice cream container or something else that screams ‘school fundraiser’ I’d make a money apron to keep my money in. It’s the safest place to keep it after all and I can use it for other stuff after the fair too. I used what I had which happened to be a rather less than subtle polka dot canvas fabric, learnt as I sewed about how to mitre most of the corners and while it will never win any awards for the quality of my sewing it is sturdy, will never ever be mistaken for anyone elses subtle black or dark blue apron and cost me nothing but time. So if you’re going to be at Craft 2.0 on the 16th here’s how you’ll ‘spot’ me:

dubious but practical money apron

But not all my sewing is dubious. I actually shocked myself with how gorgeous this pouch looks. It’s made with the one piece of linen I had, and the embroidery came out so perfectly. I really want to keep it but have no reason to so it’s off to a good home on the 16th hopefully.

Embroidered linen pouch

And on a side note, my copy of Doodle-Stitching came today! Yay!! I know I’ll just file it away on a shelf to protect it from the cats and never use it but yay!!



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5 responses to “An apron to hold the millions

  1. eva

    I like how red flowers match with red lining on the linen pouch 🙂 very sweet!

  2. the pouch came out great! I will be making a few of them for Christmas gifts.

  3. That pouch is lovely! And thanks for the book recommendation. Unfortunately I will be out of wgtn on the 16th so I will miss Craft2.0. Hopefully there will be another one early next year.

  4. my3boysandi

    I like the apron

  5. All looks fab! i hope the pockets of your money apron are stuffed full o’cash soon!!

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