brain teaser

Dave emailed me an attachment with a riddle. The attachtment has a password, when you guess the answer to the riddle, thats your password, you open the attachment and add your name. I added MY name, he’s still guessing. Hehehe. Here it is for your amusement. ANd the answer is NOT 1568.

-There is a bus with 7 Girls
-Each girl carries 7 bags
-Inside each bag there is 7 cats
-Every cat has 7 kittens
-All cats have 4 legs each

Question: How many legs are in the bus?



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11 responses to “brain teaser

  1. I’m hopeless at guesses ;P

  2. 10,990 or if there is a driver, 10,992.

  3. my3boysandi


    I have something for you on my blog

  4. my3boysandi

    opps I forgot about the driver id agree with eva

  5. I came up with 10,990 as well. But I didn’t even think about a driver.

  6. Am I mad? I came up with 1582, or 1584 if there’s a bus driver. But my maths is crap.

  7. Of course, the non mathematical part of me says, what does a “bus with 7 girls” mean?” Are they at the bus stop, at a picnic, all sunbathing on the beach (including the bus)…so then there’d be no legs in the bus. This answer comes courtesy of my ability to not multiply anything without the help of a calculator.

  8. Bah, as you can tell, i hate a puzzle. and i did my maths wrong…forgot to multiply the 56 cats x 49 bags… = 10990. I’m with Louise and Gerald.

  9. I am not letting the cat out of the bag.
    I’ll stand here with my two legs.
    Though I’d love to know the answer.

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