There’s been some of sort of violent craft bomb exploded at our house. I am neck deep in threads, hoops, paint, frames, fabric, needles (with the stab marks in my fingers to prove it), patterns and the like. I have plates balanced on embroidery hoops, the only way I could find the space to eat today, newly painted frames drying on the washing machine (a devious ploy to avoid laundry but shhh), dry frames balanced everywhere theres room, unpainted frames on my desk chair (I’m on the floor) and I seem to have lost an hour somewhere in there while I dug my way out of the mess.

But I am downing tools this evening, leaving it all where it lies and we’re going out to dinner at a restaurant that doesn’t have a drive thru window!! Posh!! Until I return I will leave you with les fleurs that Dave sent me yesterday.

The glow of love



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2 responses to “Explosion

  1. good luck with the craft material explosion at your place- i know the feeling.. and happy anniversary! those flowers are lovely.

  2. my3boysandi

    bless Dave
    theyre lovely

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