Breaking through the crafters block

I was struck down by crafters block last night which let the panic of the approaching craft fair get the best of me for a few hours. Thankfully it didn’t last more than a few hours and I have had plenty of inspiration going on today. I ordered my Moo cards today to use as business cards for the craft fair! Only two problems – forgot to put my email address on them, only put my etsy and blog. Oh well. The other ‘issue’ is that they aren’t due to get here until TWO DAYS before the craft fair. And thats in optimal (non-Christmas) mail conditions. Eep.

When I embroidered the birdcage Steph suggested I put it in a white frame. I chose ‘off-white’ (which apparently is different from ‘cream’ but looks completely the same) to match the ecru I did the cage in. What do you think?
Moo card

And how’s this for crafty inspiration? 23 large vintage buttons for 40 cents. For the lot. Now thats inspiring!
23 Vintage buttons for 40 cents



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6 responses to “Breaking through the crafters block

  1. eva

    I think this picture framed looks great! Even better as in hoops (my opinion) :))
    You are doing great and I feel you have busy busy craft fair day awaiting for you 🙂

  2. my3boysandi

    bless Steph it does look good
    praying the fair goes well for you

  3. that is cuuutttte!!!!
    and jolly good button scoring there too young lady!

  4. Go me! It looks really good ! Can’t wait to see your Moo cards too.

    To my mind, because I sew myself, using the hoop as a frame still looks like a WIP to me, whereas it looks all finished framed. But that’s just my point of view, the hoops are a fun way to display them too! 😀

  5. your birdcage embroidery is adorable and I love how you framed it!

  6. Beautiful embroidery… and lucky you on the thrifty front!!

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