Sunny spring Sundays

Today is one of those *great* days that are usually nothing more than an urban myth around here. The sun is shining (we’ll ignore the fact that the wind is on the verge of blowing everything to Australia), there’s (Dave’s) money in my wallet all ready for me to buy my very own Moo cards for the craft fair and to finally buy my very own copy of Doodle Stitching. I’ve been hoarding a library copy for a month and it has to go back tomorrow and I’m so relieved that I can finally buy the book. I like it that much.

My wounded cat baby Rastus is a lot better, and he’s only been worrying me half to death by taking off on 12 hour jaunts, streaking over the road right in front of cars and the like. The good thing about having meds in his system though is that he gets tired which makes it easier for us to catch him.
Big sooky baby

And lastly I am doing an embroidery for….myself!! I thought it was about time I made one for me. It’s Summer in what will hopefully become a 4 Seasons project that I can hang on the wall.
WIP for myself *gasp*

And the light next to it? An LED head light. I saw a photo of SouleMama wearing one while doing embroidery at night and learned fast what a smart idea it is. Yeah, I’ll look like a dick wearing it but hey, you laugh and I can blind you just by looking at you with that thing on. Ha!!



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3 responses to “Sunny spring Sundays

  1. my3boysandi

    sounds like a beautiful Sunday

  2. eva

    That book looks fantastic! Somehow it feels like you are going to have lot of fun stitching your own doodles :))

  3. I’m sorry I haven’t been around much– we’ve all been sick. But I HAD to come out of hibernation to tell you how much I love your trees and think that a collection of four of them… one for each season, will be lovely! And I love that Doodle Stitching book! I just have to get better at it… not til after Xmas though.
    Hope all is well with you! ~Hettie

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