Feline invader

That little punk black and white cat has been over on our property again picking fights. If I catch him I will wring his neck. Constant trips over, my boys have no choice but to see the invader off. Last night he must have bit Rastus pretty violently and he got a minor infection from it. He slept the whole night in the bed with us, head on my pillow, half under the blankies like a baby. He was very cute but I spent the night with my ass out to the wind, struggling to get any blankets. Then off to the vet to spend the power bill money this morning. The cries of a wounded cat are heart wrenching.



Filed under randomness

2 responses to “Feline invader

  1. my3boysandi

    your poor cat

  2. Hope kittah is better soon! Vet bills are painful too, that’s for sure.

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