Helter skelter

Thats how I feel in the lead up to the craft fair and stuff. Huuurrrruummmpphhhh. I need to order some moo cards for the fair and pay for my table at the fair. The deep irony of this is that I won’t be able to afford it until after the fair. So…my brain hurts thinking about it.

But there’s no better way to ignore stuff than to do a swap, when I told Dave I wouldn’t do anymore. *cough* I started a redwork penny squares embroidery swap at swapbot last night and if you’re a swapbot member who embroiders you should join us!



Filed under embroidery, randomness

2 responses to “Helter skelter

  1. my3boysandi

    Ive been thinking about your esty shop and have a suggestion to make
    you can tell me where to go if you want
    why dont you put them on Trademe too
    Im sure youd get some luck there
    just an idea

  2. I think trademe is a good idea too, even maybe ebay, to get some initial exposure?
    I joined your swap – don’t ban me please, ’cause my rating took a dive because of a parcel I’m late on. 😛
    Would Dave lend you some Moo money? They are definitely worth getting, they make fantastic swing tags and business cards!

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