My foe – the french knot

It’s a funny old day when your 80 yr old gran calls you in the middle of the day and says ‘shit’ during your conversation. She’s a funny bird, that one. Speaking of birds I have finished the next picture from the clover pattern – the bird and birdcage. As usual that effing french knot eye will need to be redone but other than that I like the cuteness of it. I tried mounting it on a canvas but it didn’t do it for me so it’ll go in a wooden hoop for the craft fair. Only 27 days to go now. Eep.




Filed under craft fairs, embroidery

2 responses to “My foe – the french knot

  1. my3boysandi

    I like it 🙂

  2. Love the way you’ve stitched the birdcage! I think it would look cute in a white wooden frame too (or maybe you could paint the hoop white?)
    With the french knots, not sure how you do them, but what I do is put the needle and thread out of the front of your work, then get the thread and pull it quite taut with your left hand, wind it around your needle twice (towards you), put your needle through to the back (still keeping the thread really taut in your left hand) and pull it through…hopefully a knot should magically appear! (Does that make sense?)

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