Why I embroider

Normally I’m a learn it then abandon it kinda crafter. Other than sewing I have abandoned most things as soon as I tried them. So along came embroidery. Similar story, learnt about 3 stitches then just sort of stopped learning. But not cos I wanted to abandon it, more because I wanted to get down and DO it. Learning is so hard for me, I just wanted to use what I knew. I’ll learn other stitches eventually, but for now backstitch is my staple and wow, sometimes I totally rock it!! (yes, my ego is inflated today) I have to fix the blue birds french knot eye before December 16th but other than that it’s all good! I’m going to put it in a wooden hoop and sell it for a kazillion dollars (I don’t want to part with it) at Craft 2.0.

Why I embroider



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8 responses to “Why I embroider

  1. my3boysandi

    lovely as always my friend

  2. Love it! It came out great!

    I left a response on my blog to your question, but then realized that I can just leave one here, too…yes, that is an Aunt Martha’s pattern…#3809 called ‘Lotsa Bears’. It has a red stripe on the package. If you can’t find it, let me know, and I can send you one!

  3. You DO rock the backstitch! That may be my favorite embroidery piece that you’ve done! I’m sorta that same way. I can do a few stitches and do them pretty well. I always end up doing the same one(stem stitch) and never remember that I need to try others until I’ve finished a project!

    Wishing even more I’d have bought that pattern when I had it in my hands!

  4. Bex

    Now this is really sweet! 🙂

  5. more embroidery cuteness!
    I can’t stand it.

    I made something I will be selling either for a fortune or not at all yesterday too!!

  6. Just found your blog and wow! I love your embroidery. :o)

  7. are all these (birdies) from a japanese book ? I think I’m……… in love !!!

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