The time D-Day became M-Day

D-Day stood for Doom Day or Dentist Day. It fast became the Marvelous Miraculous Day of Miracles and Marvels. The predicted doom never happened. My grandma was in my company for an hour and DIDN’T CALL ME FAT. Not once, not even a sideways look or a snide hint. She has long enjoyed calling me fat but even though I put on a lot of weight this year (cohabiting is bad for a diet) NOT ONE COMMENT. Miraculous. Marvelous.

The Beehive

The dentist said I didn’t need any work done. I have had a niggle for a while but he said it looks fine. Marvelous and most definitely Miraculous.

I got these little pieces of fabric. You know those gorgeous patchwork creations people like Megan make? Little pincushions and the like, seemingly effortlessly ‘whipped up’ that knock me out with their cuteness. These fabrics are of that quality. Marvelous. I’ve never owned that sort of lovely stuff. And now I do. Miraculous.

Patchwork fabrics

Oh, and then I got home to a package. I did a swap with someone on Craftster and this is what she sent me. Prepare to be floored by the cuteness. You have been warned.

A personal swap I received



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3 responses to “The time D-Day became M-Day

  1. my3boysandi

    so pleased today turned out much better for you

    If cohabiting is bad for a diet I hope ours helps Mr Wonderful with his diabetes and celiac disease he needs to put on weight

    I like your new fabrics
    and yep Patty is a cutie

  2. How cute the swap package is! Love those fabric pieces!

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