Call it a dry run

So tonight I got everything I have made for the craft fair so far together, laid it out on a velvet cloth and set it out in a trial for what my Craft 2.0 stall will look like. It’s a crap photo and a rushed lay out but it’s given me an idea of where I am at. Half my coffee table is not the most accurate space to try that on but I am doing far better than I might normally be doing with this sort of thing – the etsy stock has saved me from a last minute freak out about having an empty table. I have a few pincushion souffles to do this week and have to start patches and badges as well. Oh yeah, and start my 4 500-word stories for that freelance gig. I like the sound of it, I’m a freelance writer/crafter.




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2 responses to “Call it a dry run

  1. It all looks so great! Love the turtle!

  2. my3boysandi

    remind when the Craft 2.0 is
    Im praying its successful for you 🙂

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