Counting to ten

I got that writing commission ages ago and got part 1 done just fine. Then along came that FIERCE flu that knocked me off my feet for two weeks or more and took all motivation with it.  It was ok though because the writing stuff got delayed from October to November. Part 1 was a Halloween theme but that was ok, still relevant. I didn’t hear from Martin, the writing guy, though still. Nothing was happening so last night I emailed him.

So my ‘writing guy’ replied to me saying that he has an opening for payment if I send him my invoice he’ll get onto payment. Story still going ahead, all looking good. Yay. Only a few problems – as usual nothing is clear cut. I have no idea how to do an invoice. Part one of the story is about Halloween. Because the story was meant to run in October. It’s now going to run from December through Valentines. Part one is now obselete. *sigh* So I have to not only still write part 2-4 but rewrite part 1. And prepare for a craft fair in 5 weeks. With carpal tunnel so I can’t actually do one thing right through in one go without lots of pain.

BUT….that story….US$500. Worth every ounce of pain and hassle? Oh yes. Things seem to be working out in such a way that I’ll end the year with new glasses (clear vision!!), up to date dental work (evil necessity) and new clothes which I urgently need. Sometimes things seem hopeless then book, they just fall into place in an instant.


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5 responses to “Counting to ten

  1. Yay to writing assignment! Sounds like they’re disorganised, but yep for the good cash and exposure to your work, gotta be worth it.
    How’s the progress on the stuff for the craft fair?

  2. my3boysandi


  3. eva

    Good news is, that they are still interested. And you have some motivation for doing it 🙂
    Plus, that upcoming craft fair gives you an opportunity to switch from one activity to another, so you don`t get bored. I guess we are not bored at all during THAT time of year?
    Congratulations and good luck!

  4. That’s awesome! Yes, isn’t it amazing how things fall into place? Glad you are feeling better too. 🙂

  5. Bex

    Good news!
    You make sure you charge them for two ‘Part Ones’ OK?
    Also just ask them “What format?” they would like their invoice in. That way you sound like you know what you’re talking about.
    Which, of course, you do! Xxx

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