Mail love!!

One of the people I sent a pay it forward package to sent me one in return. Bex is an Aussie living in Japan with her husband and cutie patootie kiddo’s and is, in my opinion, so damn lucky to be surrounded by all that Japanese beauty and craftiness. This is the little slice she sent me. It’s so cute and small:


Then I opened it up to find this:



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6 responses to “Mail love!!

  1. Yay! How cool! You musta been mega excited to get that one! Gorgeous 🙂

  2. Neato! Isn’t fun mail FUN!??? What is a Pay It Forward swap??

  3. I LOVED Hello Kitty as a kid… that is so adorable! And what wonderful Super Buzzy fabrics! What a sweetheart!

  4. OOoh! How fun. 🙂 I love that patchwork fabric!

  5. how cute
    i couldnt wait till tomorrow
    ive spilt the beans on my blog

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