More pincushions

Wow, today really sucks big, fat, hairy ass. Yes indeed. Partly thanks to the upstairs neighbours (who are already the most inconsiderate humans I have ever met) whose alarm went off for half an hour straight and now it’s still making an eeeeeeeeeee noise which means it could trigger at any time. Totally preventing me from sitting outside in the sun because I have discovered the constant sound of eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee in ones ears makes one mildly grumpy. Can you tell?

I have however braved one of the worlds most irritating sounds to photograph these finally:

Embroidered turtle pincushion souffle

Redwork heart pincushion souffle

They’re both in the shop now. The turtle is at a reduced price too!  Buy them and cheer me up!!


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One response to “More pincushions

  1. The heart one is adorable! I also agree that people who let their alarms go for too long are very annoying. Grumpy is sure to ensue.

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