Oh la la pretty things

I’ve been a bit quieter on the blog front, on account of a few health hiccups. But it’s given me time to get a few things into perspective. Most importantly is that I spend too much time online. So my new plan is to try very very hard to limit my internet/computer time. We’ll see how it turns out.My etsy shop has not been what one might call successful. But I keep creating pretty things for it anyway. Like this:

Asian themed pincushion souffle

and this:

Embroidery travel pouch

What’s that you ask? That’s an embroidery travel pouch. Riding the bus/train is  BORING, once you tire of watching the weird people who take the train. So taking your current embroidery project is sure to liven the trip up! The shop is waiting for your clicks!!

In a totally unrelated observation…I wish I was on vacation in France right now. No reason, just think it’s time for a big holiday somewhere. It’s been over 2 yrs since I went overseas for the first time. Have dreams, must travel.



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2 responses to “Oh la la pretty things

  1. Ahhhhhh… I wish I were on vacation in France now too! That would be lovely!

    I hope your health hiccups improve soon. I’ll be sending good vibes your way!

  2. my3boysandi

    Id like to show you something on my blog
    please come visit

    Hope youre feeling better

    “I spend too much time online”
    dont we all !!!

    where did you travel to last???

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