Thrust offline

When you’re suddenly thrust offline into the real world it can be startling to not be able to check your email even. Of course Dave being Mr IT Guy theres any number of PC’s free usually but he sent this weekend backing them all up or ghosting them or some such stuff which involved any number of things I don’t understand. Sooooo I made stuff. Whether I wanted to or not. It was either that or smash one of the PC’s to vent my stress.

I finished a turtle pincushion souffle which was requested for a private swap I am doing on craftster with someone. It’s going to cost me roughly $16 to post!! I so hope she likes it!!

Turtle pincushion souffle

I also finally got enough sunshine this weekend to photograph a very classy embroidery tray I made a few days ago. It’s asian themed, the lining fabric even has gold flecks. Ohhhhh, classy!! It’s in the shop now. I’m hoping that someone will actually buy something soon. I have to buy a new laptop *sigh*

Embroidery notions tray



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4 responses to “Thrust offline

  1. my3boysandi

    your turtle is SO cute
    and I like the embroidery tray

  2. Love the tray! How cute is that!??!

  3. very interesting. i’m adding in RSS Reader

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