Blog Action Day

Well I missed October 15th, my brain isn’t back to it’s non-flu self yet but better late than never right?

One thing I am quite fired up about is conserving energy. The amount of office buildings you drive past late at night that are more lit up than a Christmas tree is ridiculous. Turn your PC and office lights off when you go home at night. If each of us turned a light off that we normally wouldn’t or turned the tap off when we’re brushing our teeth or did one little thing to help our planet….it all adds up!!



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3 responses to “Blog Action Day

  1. Jen


    I am sooo glad you liked the package, I had fun getting it together! I like your new blog!

  2. Yes. I was a day late too!!
    And you are so right about office buildings. Those cleaners need to learn to turn off the lights! Oooh – now I see there is a shop – must go and have a look!!

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