Poor happy cat


This picture used to make me laugh. That face!! But now I can’t laugh because a depressed animal is a serious issue and one of our cats is depressed. Often it means he has a wound somewhere that needs tending to. Once it heals he’s fine. But just as often theres no reason that we know of for his depression. We’re really not sure what to do for him. We give him extra loves but he’s still droopy. He gets treats, he gets cuddles, they get vet checkups when they need them, they’re spoilt rotten and have no reason to be depressed. Any tips?

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  1. eva

    I`m so sorry to hear that! I don`t have a cat, never had, so I `m really no expert. But I thought, since cats are still wild animals, maybe just some activities and making his life more exiting somehow. New toys maybe?
    I hope you can make him happy again! :))

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