Happy dance!!

The debit card problems I had 2 days ago have been solved. I slid a little money into the account, paypal took its share and accepted the card, etsy took its share and accepted the card and now my shop is ready to have stuff listed!!! Right on schedule for tomorrows planned opening!!! Yay!!! So watch this space because I feel a lot better (hacking cough not withstanding but the germies are gone) and I have 3 small things to make today and then the shop will be open within 24 hours!! I am soooooo excited!!

Then this weekend I am making Jen a wee surprise for being such a sweetheart. I feel a lot better, my crafting bug is back and to sum up: It’s a very good day!!!



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2 responses to “Happy dance!!

  1. my3boysandi

    yaye that your $$ are getting sorted

    yaye your beginning to feel better

    yaye that the shop will be open soon
    praying all goes well with it

    Ooooooooooo thank you my dear friend
    cant wait to see my surprise
    this is totally unexpected
    thank you so so much

  2. eva

    Today is Wednesday, right? Fingers crossed, You will have your dream…..!
    PS I still don`t have my Anchor chart, so I have to delay my order again………..sorry!

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