Mail call and a phone call

The flu is very much still here, I feel terrible. My grandma rang this morning out of nowhere and said “go to the dentist for a check up. I’ll pay.” Then when she found out I was so sick she said “go to the doctor too. I’ll pay”. Embarrassing to be this poor at times but when it’s your health you learn to swallow your pride. Except I can’t make it into town to see my doctor and the phone bitch at the local doctor got all hoity toity and said they were full. Stupid doctors shortage means even with the money to go to a doctor now I still can’t.

My debit card finally came, along with an awesome care package from Hettie. Tons of embroidery floss, my first Aunt Marthas transfers!!!!! So happy about that. And sparkly pink flip flops!!! Soooo cool.  Photos will be posted tomorrow, assuming I feel better. Sorry my poor blog is a bit boring while I’m sick and boring.


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4 responses to “Mail call and a phone call

  1. my3boysandi

    Ive been praying for you and shall continue to do so

    bless your grandma

  2. missficklemedia

    What a rough time to be sick!
    I hope you feel better soon.

    I think the fact that you are posting at all says something!
    I usually crawl into a hole and hibernate while I’m sick, even computer conversations are too much! lol!

  3. my3boysandi

    I wanted to bless you
    as you have me
    by visiting my blog

    theres something on there for you

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