Running out….

– of interfacing. Almost all things I was going to make are now on hold until payday. Thursday is a long time away. I can only really make coasters until then, but only until I run out of flannel to line them with. Expect a lot of coasters in the shop when it opens. The second update will be a lot more interesting.

– of money. To buy interfacing. And now flannel. We miscalculated the money this paycheck somehow. Hence the coming week will be spent embroidering.

– patience. Today was the 8th day I have had Dave home in a row. One more day until he’s back at work. I’m counting the days like it’s kids and school holidays.
– more patience. Dave’s not sick anymore but I am now. I woke this morning with my throat in agony. I’m over the whole sick thing.


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  1. my3boysandi

    praying you get better soon

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