Stuff and things

We went to check out the house last night and I sooo hope we get it! The owners showed us around and it has beautiful polished wood floors, a sunny backyard, a gorgeous living room/kitchen, a separate laundry and a great view over the suburb. The owners live there at the moment and it’s in great condition. Oh and the double garage is huuuuge, plenty of room to put Dave’s crap stuff out of sight. We find out Wednesday so please send your good thoughts our way!!
Thats the turquoise house!! It’s so tacky I can’t help but dig it!!

Today I knuckled down to some work. I made a travel document holder and matching tissue holder. I only traveled once overseas but the plastic wallet I got given by the travel agent to carry my passport and tickets in was pretty much stuffed by the end of the trip and so I know how good a fabric holder is. Plus the cabin air dried out my nose so it started bleeding and I got hayfever. Yay, sneezing blood on my clothes. I had no tissues either so I can honestly say this is a useful set to own!! Plus it’s all in a bright Amy Butler print so it’s easier to find in a bag. In theory. They’ll get better over time.



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3 responses to “Stuff and things

  1. my3boysandi

    I kinda like the colour of the house
    praying you get it
    it looks nice and big
    and has a garage
    we dont have a garage
    what a pain that is

    love your crafts
    cool material

  2. campbellhegan

    go the turquoise house – I love that style of house. Especially in turquoise!!!

  3. oh yeah – that was me!
    why am I always logged in as someone else whose site I’m working on!

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