Success at last

I’ve been trying a few things and most of them didn’t quite pass quality control, putting it nicely. I was getting kind of stressed and depressed, until I produced this tray. The outside is pink corduroy, it’s interfaced for shape and sturdiness, lined with flannel for softness, the sides sit really straight and that lining ♥…wow!! I have to get more of that fabric!! I’m going to the fabric store tomorrow because I realised I only have girl fabrics, mostly pink and I want to make a few boy things. Boys are so hard to cater to, for me anyway.

This is absolutely going in the shop and hopefully someone will buy it before I decide to keep it (and everything else I make with that lining!).

AND, I found a place near here that I really want to apply to rent. OK, beg to rent. Cats allowed, back property set off the road, fenced back yard so I can do childcare and it’s a bit private. A stand alone house so I would no longer be forced to listen to the upstairs neighbours fight, stomp (all freaking day), laugh, watch tv, have sex, cough etc. We did a drive by and for the first time in a while we seem to have found a house that is not surrounded by state housing, gang houses or a house with rusty cars on the front yard. Fingers crossed people!!



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4 responses to “Success at last

  1. Oooh, I hope you get the place you’re looking at! Would it also mean more room for you and you fabulous supplies?!! Keep us posted. 🙂

  2. Snazzy tray – That is great lining fabric! Thanks for your help. :^)

  3. my3boysandi

    that tray is cool
    I like the design and the colour of the material

    praying you get that house

  4. The tray is such a cool idea! Love the fabric! Cats allowed and a fenced in backyard? Sounds like a renter’s paradise to me! Good Luck!

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