What a boring title but that is what I have been busy doing. I have been making things for the first time to tweak them to sellable levels. I attached the cotton that the butterfly is embroidered on to a canvas frame. The canvas is still attached which gives it a padded look. Not sure how I feel about it or how others will either at this stage. Here’s the photo, tell me what you think, k?

All of a sudden I can’t get the picture to direct link to its flickr page, I have to use the photo link, not the page link. Can someone who uses wordpress help?

The other thing I prototyped is a tissue holder which I finally tried for the first time. Yes, I know they look (and are) dead easy but not one of the tutorials has the same measurements as another so I had no idea what size to aim for. Finally, I just picked one and went for it, using a fat quarter I bought and promptly hated. I think the size is almost right, maybe just a bit snug and now Dave has a car tissue holder, instead of that yukky plastic wrapper they come in. And the fabric has grown on me, for a lining at least. More interesting versions of this will be in my shop when it opens.


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  1. jen

    U know I LOVE that butterfly

    and the tissue holder is pretty good too

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