What it’s like on a beach in Fiji…


…is something I have no idea of but I am stuck for a title and it can only be nicer than here right now. Oh for some warmth! We had a few days of sun then last week it packed up. It’s not coming back this week either apparently. Brrrrrr, Spring is not my favourite season.

But I have had plenty of time to get stuff done. And for once I actually have got that stuff done. I opened the debit card account for my soon to open etsy. A huge step. I have made several things to put in it. Small things, test the market sort of things. I have an idea of where I want the shop to go, what I want to sell but I have to work my way to that place. It’s a fun journey. The shop should open next week if I can sort a few more things out. Space is at a premium in this house, it makes it hard to sew anything too big so some dreams must wait a little longer. But a bigger house will come and that house will mean bigger sewing projects, caring for children (a paying job again hallelujah!) and a child of my own. And a dining table. You can’t imagine how boring eating off a coffee table gets. (wow, that paragraph went off on a tangent)

My butterfly embroidery is finished!



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4 responses to “What it’s like on a beach in Fiji…

  1. my3boysandi

    its windy but its not really that cold here

    i really like your butterfly
    is it one of the things for the shop?

  2. Hot as hades here,.. gotta love the south

  3. Finally back online for a bit and am now caught up on your new blog… congratulations on the move and the upcoming opening of your shop!! My mom has a shop on Etsy and has her fast and slow days/weeks/months, but it’s all about doing what you love and passing that love onto someone who will enjoy it (and pay you!). You’re up for great things this season Steph! šŸ™‚
    Hugs, Hettie

  4. Absolutely beautiful! Good work! I wonder where I can get some embroidery floss like that…. yum.

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