Panic set in last night. What if nobody buys my stuff? What if I pour my love of sewing into a bunch of things, list them and get no sales? I was struggling to make something, anything at all and the frustration was feeding my worry. The fabric squares weren’t big enough for what I was doing, the green thread was running out at the wrong time. But I did find the grooviest pink corduroy (so retro) in my stash and finally get ONE listable thing finished yesterday, an embroidery tray which I am very happy with and tempted to keep. Plus I started the embroidery above, my first try at variegated floss and it looks good. If your boyfriend notices it and points out how pretty it is it either looks good or he’s gay. We’ve been together 10 months this weekend so I assume it’s the former.



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2 responses to “Panic

  1. my3boysandi

    I like the butterfly
    praying for you

  2. eva

    I think You should not worry about whether you make sales or not. If you create because it is what you love to do, then it`s for that! If you create, to make profit, then you could do research about what is selling and what`s not. And then make a lot of those items 🙂
    And of course, if you have like to achieve both, then it means you pour your very heart into every little detail you hold in your hands and rely on good luck on Etsy 🙂

    The butterfly looks great, so you really should n`t worry about making no sales! Have fun!

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