déjà vu

Otherwise known as realising you already thrifted that book several weeks/months ago, never had time to read it so you donated it back to them and then you RETHRIFTED it, hence your feeling of seeing it before. Yes, I am a complete dork. It is now official.

Part 1 of my story was finished, submitted to my e-publisher and crossed off the to do list by 11.15pm last night. The hot water of the shower hitting my sore hunched over neck never felt so good. Now embroidery and sewing is calling and I can finally obey its siren song. Photos will follow soon and the blog will finally have a little substance. Thanks to everyone for their lovely comments!



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2 responses to “déjà vu

  1. jen

    LOL on dear
    must look like a good read
    maybe you just keep it until you have read it 🙂

    congratulations on finishing part 1

  2. Oh No! 😀 I can see myself doing the exact same thing! I really like the look of the new blog!

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