New beginnings

The theory behind moving the blog to wordpress (other than my growing dislike of blogger) was a vain hope that it will coincide with a change in my life. New etsy shop next month (fingers crossed still), first paying writing gig which will enable me to buy clothes that aren’t getting raggedy, all round a classier me. Then I looked down today as I walked to the shops and notice my fly is down AGAIN. Classy is obviously a work in progress.

To start my new blog I thought I’d share a few things about me.

1. I forget to do up my fly far too often. Always have.

2. I can’t drive. It’s really safer for everybody if I don’t go any further with the licensing procedure. I have tried for 12 yrs to learn, ain’t gonna happen.

3. I don’t like my toast toasted. Yuk. Any brown darker than milky tea colour on my toast and I don’t like it.

4. My name is Persephone, after the Greek Goddess of the Underworld. It is not pronouced percy-phone but after a childhood of being called that I do answer to it. Rudely but it’s an answer.

5. If we don’t have a baby within the next 2 yrs I am going to adopt one. If we do have one within 2 yrs I’m going to adopt a child anyway. I don’t think Dave knows quite how badly I want to be a mama.

6. I am petrified that I will amount to nothing, that I will be a total failure at everything I do and prove my grandma right. It would make her happier to see me fail than to see me succeed. I am determined not to give her the satisfaction.

7. I hopehopehope to open a real live bricks and mortar shop one day.

8. The interestingness level of my life is seasonal. In summer I leave the house and DO stuff, take breathtaking photos of anything that sits still long enough. In winter I only want to hibernate. I think I have that seasonal mood disorder. So now it’s spring and life is on the upswing.

9. I have poor circulation and my hands are always cold. And my toes. It drives Dave nuts and is an incentive to me to maintain my health so I don’t end up footless when I’m old.

That’s it for now. As you can see the site is still a bit spartan, only 2 links listed so far, I haven’t got past the A’s yet. I hope you’ll leave me a comment on my new blog and I’ll be fleshing it out over the next week or two as I learn my way around here.



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6 responses to “New beginnings

  1. Best of luck w/ the new home of your blog. Looking forward to more!

  2. jen

    LOL I thought it was you
    that visited my blog this morning

    My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your mum

    I like wordpress best been with them for sometime now

    in regards to number 6 You go for it girl!!!!!!!!!

    have a good weekend

  3. theshoppingsherpa

    I used to have blue feet in summer.

    Then I moved to Australia.

    No more circulation problems!

    (Nice new digs, btw)

  4. Congrats on the blog move – I wish you much luck in all your endeavors!!

  5. Hope the “move” went smoothly :o)

  6. eva

    It was so nice to read all this stuff about you!

    -2. I don`t have drivers license either. I can drive though 🙂
    -4. I love goddess names 🙂 If I could choose my own name, it would be Isis.
    -5. I support You with your plans to adopt a child. I have contemplated it too, but having my own 2 gives me enough satisfaction:) Don`t worry, you`ll have your own kiddos too!
    -6. Your grandma will see you succeed and she will love you anyway. She does n`t know how to deal with her feelings, that`s all. Her soul knows what`s right and what`s wrong though ….
    9.- I have cold hands and feet too!

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